Diane Trembley-Griffin
: Storyteller

Literacy Project

The Original Griffin Literacy Project was established in 2005 as an altruistic component, based on needs expressed by classroom teachers. Through donations of materials and time, many storytelling props have been placed at no cost in book rooms and classrooms in the Hamilton and surrounding areas.

What Is It?
The Mission of this Project is to link community individuals and groups together to provide teachers, caregivers, and students with props and storytelling resources that will assist them in building and developing literacy skills.
The goal is to complete the task at the lowest cost possible and therefore, we are asking the community to help.

Who Can Help?
Highschool students
Parents in a school community
Grandmothers, Grandfathers
Individuals or groups belonging to a church
Members of clubs or associations
Any individual who is willing to make props and storytelling resources.

How Can You Help?
Donate materials that can be used to make props and storytelling resources or donate in a monetary way.
          • Yarn, (three or four ply knitting worsted yarns)
            All Colours
          • Paint sticks, doweling
          • Large clear plastic bags, cloth bag
        Volunteer to knit or crochet in your own place of residence.
        Volunteer to cut and paste in your own place of residence.
        Volunteer to do some of the above when your association or group meets.

Please contact the literacy links committee for
further information.

Diane Trembley-Griffin
Jodi Dillon
Lynn DeJong

As of May 2008, the Retired Teachers of Ontario accepted an application for a grant and have provided funds to assist in continuing this special project. This generous grant will allow the project to expand, and to continue linking volunteers of all ages. The result will be many resources being placed in the schools to assist children in developing literacy skills.

Special thanks goes out to, The Retired Teachers of Ontario and the members of the Project – Service to Others committee for giving their time to recognize and acknowledge the continuing work of retired teachers. If you are interested in participating, receiving or volunteering time and/or skills in this project, please contact the Literacy Links committee through Diane Trembley-Griffin.

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