Portfolio of Experiences

  • Retired from the teaching profession.
  • Taught children in all grades from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six
  • Taught children with special needs including speech and language
  • Worked as a Primary Consultant with local School Board
  • Made numerous professional presentations to teachers, parents, and principals, both locally and provincially
  • Presently provide storytelling programmes for children, parents, and teachers, as well as; school councils, daycares, and libraries
  • Presently provide storytelling programmes for adults in community organizations, such as; church groups, service clubs and home meetings
  • Have designed and written custom made resource guides for teachers, caregivers, and parents to help their children with reading and with speech and language needs
  • Organized the Original Griffin Literacy Project connecting community volunteers with schools to make storytelling props for children and teachers.
  • Live with my family on a small farm and care for a number of animals. My hobbies are: gardening, doing crafts, sewing, and meeting with friends for lunch.

Knowledge and Experiences To Be Shared

  • Present small group or individual class storytelling sessions for students and teachers
  • Provide literature-based teacher resource guides that incorporate plans and activities based on curriculum expectations
  • Describe and demonstrate ways to supplement school based literacy programmes through storytelling, music, and drama
  • Conduct half day storytelling, drama, and art sessions for students
  • Provide adult sessions for community organizations and schools
  • Provide teacher in-service workshops for literacy, storytelling, and drama
  • Work with school based teams to help incorporate literacy programming into their official school plan

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