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Thinking Skills Questions
Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?
Author – Bill Martin Jr. Illustrator – Eric Carl

Cover of the Book
1. What animal is on the cover of this book?
2. What colour is the bear?
3. Find the words Brown Bear in the title.

Vocabulary  -   Words To Introduce/Discuss
bear,  bird,  duck,  horse,  children,  teacher

Knowledge Questions
1. What are the different animals in this story?
2. What colour was the horse?
3. What colour was the cat?

Comprehension Questions
1. What can we learn about by listening to this story?
2. Which words were the same on each page of this story?
3. Which words were different on each page of this story?

Application Questions
1. What is your favourite animal? Why is it your favourite?
2. What is your favourite colour? Why is it your favourite?
3. How can you make a new story using this pattern?
( Give the students the following example.)
Jennifer, Jennifer (Use the name of a child in your class) Who do you see?
I see Jamie looking at me.

Analysis Questions
1. Which animal colours in the story match real world animal colours?
2. This story is written in a pattern. What is the pattern?

Synthesis Questions
1. What animals and what colours would you choose to continue the pattern in this
2. What is another word that sounds like blue, but means something different?
Blue blew

Evaluation Questions
1. Why do you think this book is so popular with many children?

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